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Reproductive medicine, Cosmetic Medicine, Orthopedics, cardiac catheterization and health examination in MacKay.


Healthcare is without borders. We provide medical service overseas throughout Oceania, Africa and Southeast Asia.


MacKay Memorial Hospital was established in memory of Dr. George Leslie Mackay to carry on in his spirit of dedication, serve those in need.

MacKay Memorial Hospital: innovation, excellence, and sustainable development

As a Christian hospital with a hundred years of history, the central focus of MacKay Memorial Hospital is Total Healing addressing not only the patients’ physical and emotional needs but also their spiritual needs.
MacKay is one of the largest medical centers in Taiwan, provide high quality medical service while maintaining professional excellence to ensure continuous innovation and development.

At International Medical Service Center, We can help you with...

✔ Initial consultation for treatment options
✔ Medical expenses assessment
✔ Treatment arrangements
✔ Brief introduction to hospital
✔ Q&A


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