Photo of Dr. Mackay, 1844-1901

A BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO Dr. George Leslie Mackay

Mackay Memorial Hospital, under the jurisdiction of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, was established in memory of Dr. George Leslie Mackay who followed in the footsteps of his Master by coming to Taiwan with the message of salvation for all men. Even in those early days, Dr. Mackay was concerned for the whole person and ministered to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each patient.

Dr. Mackay was born in Zorra, Oxford County, Ontario, Canada, on March 21, 1844. Even as a small child, he felt the call of Christ and wanted to become a missionary. On March 9, 1872, the Canadian Presbyterian Church commissioned him to go to Taiwan as a medical missionary. In 1880, Dr. Mackay founded the Mackay Clinic in Tamsui, which was the first western hospital in the northern part of Taiwan. It was there, in the humble surroundings of Tamsui, that Dr. Mackay treated many patients while at the same time proclaiming the good news of Christ.

During his first twenty years in Taiwan, he received help from many foreign doctors. They treated patients suffering from a host of diseases, including malaria, which was a significant problem at that time. Besides treating patients, Dr. Mackay often preached and took teams of Taiwanese Christians with him on his medical and evangelistic tours in northern Taiwan. With the Bible in one hand and dental forceps in the other, he defied mountains, rivers, and jungle overgrowth to do medical evangelism.

Although practicing medicine and evangelizing Taiwan was very difficult work at that time, Dr. Mackay endured for over 30 years.

During this time, he not only pulled over 20,000 teeth, but also proclaimed the Gospel to many different people around the island.

He established more than 60 churches and baptized more than 4,000 believers. On June 2, 1901, Dr. George Leslie Mackay died of throat cancer in Tamsui. At that time, the work at the Tamsui clinic came to a halt.

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