Health Evaluation Center

In order to carry out the prevention medical service responsibility of the medicine center, this center devotes positively in extending the service area. Mackay Memorial hospital promote the prevention health care idea positively, in order to more thorough promoted medical service health care importance, we set up healthy evaluation center. We grasp service management idea the consistent Christ salvation in order to provide the more complete healthy evaluation service.

Our object and motto
Healthy Evaluation center of Mackay Memorial Hospital offers facilities for a comprehensive health evaluation service and are committed to provide the best care and personal attention for both corporate and individual assessments.

Our motto is “ Once healthy examination, lifelong take care”. We possess the most advanced equipment. We invite the well-qualified and experienced doctors, nurses and paramedical staff to join the center to provide the best service.

■ Customized healthy examinations
■ Examined by attending physicians
■ Convenient transportation & parking
■ Hospitable and comfortable spaces
■ Professional receptionists assisting the whole course
■ Individual elaboration and consultation with senior attending physician
■ Informing the examination result immediately
■ Individual health status following up