Cosmetic Medicine

  • Safety

    Our center is dedicated to evidence-based aesthetic medicine, with qualified team and experienced specialists talented in cosmetic surgery. As we run our services within a hospital setting, clients of our center can also enjoy seamless access to the wide range of medical services offered by various specialist services in Mackay Memorial Hospital.

  • Privacy

    Located inner, facilitated with elevator for your exclusive use, our center has considered your privacy important. Our staff is always ready to serve, with emphasis on individualized service and unique demand.

  • Amenity

    Inside our clinic, you are welcomed into a warm and graceful environment with elegant d眤cor. The waiting room is comfortably equipped.

  • Convenience

    Locating in the heart of Taipei’s commercial district on Chung-Shan North Road , the traffic is made convenient by all kinds of transportations. You may either walk 5 minutes from Shuang-Lian MRT Station, or take any bus routed through Chung-Shan North Road.

  • Services

    We offer wide range of cosmetic surgery and varieties of aesthetic treatment, such as LASER and glycolic acid peeling. The effective practice of aesthetic treatment can enhance your beauty along with self-confidence.

Service Items

隆乳 / 豊胸術 / Augmentation mammaplasty10000-14000 (USD)
拉皮全臉 / フェイスリフト(顔全体) / Total face lift 12000-16000 (USD)
割雙眼皮 / 二重まぶた / Double-fold eyelid operation1700-2600 (USD)
拉皮中下臉 / フェイスリフト(頬 + あご) / Mid and lower face lift8000-12000 (USD)
拉皮上臉 / フェイスリフト(額) / Forehead lift 6000-10000 (USD)
老化性上眼皮 / まぶたたるみ取り / Upper blepharoplasty2000-4000 (USD)
隆鼻 ( 簡單,人造軟骨 ) / 隆鼻(略式、人工軟骨) / Augmentation Rhinoplasty (with silicone prosthesis)1400-4700 (USD)
隆鼻 ( 複雜,自體軟骨移植 ) / 隆鼻 ( 特殊式、自体軟骨移植 ) / Augmentation Rhinoplasty (with silicone prosthesis and cartilage graft)4700-8000 (USD)
脂肪抽吸 - 腹部 / 脂肪吸引 - 腹部 / Abdominal liposuction 2000-4000 (USD)
脂肪抽吸 - 大腿部 / 脂肪吸引 - 大腿部 / Thigh liposuction 2000-4000 (USD)
脂肪抽吸 - 上臂 / 脂肪吸引 - 上腕 / Upper Arm liposuction 2000-4000 (USD)
脂肪抽吸 - 臀部 / 脂肪吸引 - 臀部 / Buttock liposuction2000-4000 (USD)
腹部拉皮整形術 / 腹部リフト整形術 / Abdominoplasty10000-14000 (USD)
雷射磨皮 / レーザー角質取り / LASER dermabrasion1000 - 2000 (USD)
雷射除斑 / レーザーしみ取り / LASER treatment for pigmentation200-600 (USD)
狐臭 / ワキガ Bromidrosis / Excision of apocrine glands of axillary areas2000-3400 (USD)
去疤痕 / しみ、あざ取り / Scar Revision340-680(USD) /cm of scar
肉毒桿菌注射 - 眼部周圍 / ボツリヌストキシン注射 - 眼部周囲 / Botox injection - Crawfoot wrinkles 350 (USD)/50 cc
肉毒桿菌注射 - 眉心 / ボツリヌストキシン注射 - 眉毛 / Botox injection - Grabellar wrinkles 350 (USD)/50 cc
肉毒桿菌注射 - 額頭 / ボツリヌストキシン注射 - 額 / Botox injection - Forehead wrinkles350 (USD)/50 cc
肉毒桿菌注射 - 兩頰咬肌 / 両頬、えら / Botox injection - Masseter hypertrophy350 (USD)/50 cc
玻尿酸注射 / ヒアルロン酸注射 / Hyaluronic acid injection1250 (USD) /cc of HA
脈衝光(全臉回春) / パルスライト (顔部全体) / Intense Pulsed Light rejuvenation of face350 (USD)
脈衝光(除腋毛) / パルスライト(除毛) / Intense Pulsed Light hair removal of axillary hairs250 (USD)

•  Prices above are listed in USD, and it is subjected to change if you pay in NTD according to the foreign exchange rates.
•  Charges listed above are for reference only. You will be billed at the price in effect after the doctor has completed your treatment.
•  Please be aware of the complications and adverse effects that could happened during or after the procedure and treatment. Discuss the details with your doctor before you make your decision.