Dr. Mackay arrived at Tamsui and began treating patients on June 1.


The first western medical institution in Northern Taiwan, the Mackay Clinic, was set up by Dr. Mackay at Tamsui.


Dr. Mackay died at Tamsui and the Mackay Clinic was closed.


Dr. J. Y. Ferguson of the Canadian Presbyterian Church came to Taiwan. Mackay Clinic was reopened the next year.


Dr. Ferguson suggested that the Clinic be moved from Tamsui to Taipei and be renamed the Mackay Memorial Hospital (M.M.H.) to honor Dr. Mackay.


M.M.H. held its opening ceremony in Taipei.


Miss Isabel Elliot was commissioned by the Canadian Presbyterian Church to Taiwan and founded the Nursing School. Most of the nurses in northern Taiwan at that time received their training here.


Dr. Taylor started providing free medical treatment to patients with leprosy from around the island.


M.M.H. established the Social Service Department, which sent traveling medical teams to remote mountain areas.


A Preventive Care Outpatient Clinic for Children was established to promote the concept that prevention is better than a cure.


A 12-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the first of its kind in Taiwan, was initiated.


The first Suicide Prevention Center in Southeast Asia was formed. It was the forerunner of the present Life Line, Peace Line, and telephone counseling program.


A system whereby patients could register with the physicians of their choice was implemented for the first time in Taiwan.


M.M.H. set up Tamsui branch.


An explosion occurred on Fu-Yuan Street in Taipei. Rescue efforts by M.M.H. gained general acclaim.


The Hospital began to send physicians to Orchid Island – a remote island off the eastern coast, to provide medical services on a long-term basis. It was quite unprecedented for a hospital to do so at that time.


In the Fu-Tien coal mine disaster at the Nei-Hu District, Taipei, doctors and nurses from M.M.H. were among the first group of rescuers to risk their lives in the collapsed tunnel. The bravery of these medical workers exemplified the Mackay Model.


M.M.H. set up Taitung branch.


M.M.H. established the first hospice in Taiwan with 18 beds. This made Taiwan the 18th country in the world to set up a hospice.


The Hospital funded the first Demonstration Burn Ward in Taiwan. A joint medical team of plastic surgeons, rehabilitation physicians and therapists, special nurses and social workers collaborated to care for patients with serious burns.


Mackay Hospice and Palliative Care Center had its opening ceremony in the Tamsui Branch. It is the first educational hospice in Taiwan.


The third medical administration building reached its completion. Miss Jen-Nai Wang, a woman pastor and nurse, was commissioned as a medical missionary to the Akah tribe in northern Thailand.


  • Responding to the 921 earthquake, a medical team was sent to the Zen-Ai village.
  • The Nan-Men General Hospital, Guan-Fu Branch, was purchased with a view to starting a Hsin-Chu Branch Hospital for M.M.H.
  • A ground-breaking ceremony was held for the new medical building in Tamsui.
  • Vice Superintendent F. Y. Huang became deputy Minister of the Department of Health (DOH) in Taiwan.


M.M.H. passed the accreditation process and was designated a medical center.


  • M.M.H. Taipei branch undertook Integrated Delivery System (IDS) project in Jianshi village, Hsinchu.
  • 100th memorial musical celebration of Dr. G. L. Mackay.
  • Proclamation of Mackay Day in Tamsui Township.


  • M.M.H. Tatung branch undertook Integrated Delivery System (IDS) project in Orchid Island.
  • Grand opening of the Mackay Innovation Center.
  • Grand opening of the Mackay Examination Center.
  • M.M.H. Hsinchu branch officially opened.


  • Proactive anti-SARS efforts.
  • Anti-SARS Thanksgiving Ceremony in MMH Taipei and Tamsui branch.


Mackay Medical College was officially approved of establishment.


  • MacKay Postpartum Nursing Home was putting into service.
  • Health Evaluation Center in M.M.H. Tamsui branch opened.


M.M.H. was honored with The 8th National Community Service Award.


‘The 22nd Outstanding Contribution to Medicine’ Award was presented to superintendent of Tatung branch Dr. Guan-Yue Chang.


The establishment of six centers – Pain Management Center, Medical Cosmetic Center, Quality Management Center, Nutritional Medicine Center, Clinical trial Management Center, Biomedical Development Center and Department of Critical Care Medicine.


‘The 23rd Outstanding Contribution to Medicine’ Award was presented to honorary superintendent Dr. T.C. Wu.


Vice Superintendent Shou-Chuan Shih became the superintendent and continued the goal of medical evangelism.


  • M.M.H. provided emergency medical services for mass casualty incident- Formosa Fun Coast explosion and being awarded emergency medical care contribution award
  • ‘The 25th Outstanding Contribution to Medicine’ Award was presented to senior pediatrician Dr. F. Y. Huang.
  • M.M.H. received ‘Top service awards 2015’ raised by Next Magazine