If you’ve never visited a hospital overseas, don’t worry. We have seen many international patients (including Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Americans etc. )
we have experience arranging doctor’s appointments. We can also arrange airport pick up and hotel accommodation. This page summarizes how you can do it and how we can help.
Step 1 Learn about us

This website is designed to find out who we are, where we are, what services we provide, and what our hospital facilities look like.

Step 2 Ask us for advice

If you need help about treatment options, use our Inquiry Form. This form helps us understand your situation and respond more helpfully. We will forward your inquiry to an appropriate MMH medical professional and you will receive rapid reply and advice.

Step 3 Make an appointment
When you’re ready to schedule your visit to our hospital, just write an e-mail to us.

You can request a day and time you prefer, you may select a date and ask us to recommend a doctor. We will process your request and confirm your appointment by email.

You will still need to make an appointment with your surgeon, who must see you personally in MMH to make sure if you really need the surgery.

If you are coming to MMH for in-patient surgery we can make room arrangements for you and your companions, and manage other ground service arrangements for you.

Step 4 Arrange travel

You can arrange travel to MMH Taipei main campus yourself, or we can help you. The “About Us” section of this website shows you where the hospital is and how to get here from the airport. It provides details of hotels near the hospital and answers common questions about traveling to Taipei.


IMSC staff will help you to go through the whole process.


In-patient Process

You may go to MMH International Medical Services Center in person directly during the office hour at Taipei Main Campus, or you may call us or write an e-mail for making reservation.
Office hour:Mon ~ Fri 08:00-17:00   Sat. 08:00-12:00

Discharge procedure